Certified Machine Reliability Auditor Preparation Course


This program will provide individualized and class instruction along with practical assessment. Competency shall be established through examination and project-based work directly centered towards the work product (company or customer). This program is self-paced with instruction provided in person, virtually, and on-line. Individuals shall become well versed in how to:

  • Provide a Complete Machine Reliability Audit
  • Evaluate, Recommend, Establish Maintenance Training
  • Evaluate Maintenance Practices
  • Evaluate and Establish Key Performance Indicators
  • Assess and Streamline Maintenance Data Sources
  • Evaluate and Recommend Contamination Control
  • Evaluate and Establish Procurement Specifications
  • Establish Quality Control Assurance for Machine Maintenance using RCA and FMEA
  • Evaluate and Recommend Condition Monitoring Practices
  • Evaluate and Recommend Storeroom Protocols
  • Evaluate and Recommend Safety Protocols
  • Evaluate and Recommend Waste Handling
    Requirements: Individuals should have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in a maintenance or reliability role as well as holding at a minimum at least one certification from either ICML, STLE, NLGI, or SMRP.

  • Description

    The Certified Machine Reliability Auditor development program will establish competency for individuals looking to provide an increased level of reliability and cost / waste savings to their organization or for those looking to provide this service as a revenue value stream. Upon successful completion of this program, the individual will become an expert in the field of machine reliability audits.