Live, On-site Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA I, II, III®) Certification Exam Preparation


Price does not include the exam fee which will have to settled with ICML.  We will facilitate the exam registration process for you if needed.

The following is the course outline:

Day 1

  • Lubrication Theory & Fundamentals
  • Lubricant Roles and Functions (Strong Emphasis)

Day 2

  • Lubricant Selection
  • Lubricant Application
  • Lube Storage and Management

Day 3

  • Lube Condition Control
  • Oil Sampling
  • Lubricant Health Monitoring
  • Wear Debris Monitoring and Analysis

Day 4

  • Oil Analysis Maintenance Strategies (Strong Emphasis)
  • Lubricant Contamination Measurement and Control (Strong Emphasis)
  • Program Development (Intense Emphasis)

Day 5 – EXAMS!!!




This live course works with you to prepare to take each of the MLA I, II, or III exams.  It is designed to prepare you to take the ICML Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA I, II, III) exams with preparation compliant with ISO 18436-4.  The additional content required for MLA II and III will be provided for those interested in taking these exams.  ISO stipulates that you must first hold a MLA level I before taking a level II exam or the MLA level II before taking the level III. The cost of the course does not include the ICML or STLE exam fees.   Study materials and practice quizzes are included. The ICML Machine Lubricant Analyst, targets in-plant technicians and engineers responsible for managing the lubricant analysis function. Tasks include team management, test slate selection, setting alarms and limits, sampling system design, instruments and software selection and advanced diagnostics.  As per ISO 18436-4, you have to have achieved the MLA I prior to being able to enroll to take the MLA II exam and achieved the MLA II prior to being able to enroll to take the MLA III exam.  Those who already hold the MLA I, and wish to the MLA II or those who hold the MLA II certification, and wish to take the MLA III exam will be provide individual guided instruction in addition to the course material covered. Travel and living expenses not included.