Certified Lubrication Reliability Auditor Preparation


This program will provide individualized instruction along with practical assessment for each of the following areas. Competency shall be established through project-based work directly centered towards work product. This program is self-paced with instruction provided in person, virtually, and on-line. Individuals shall become well versed in:

  • Evaluate Maintenance Practices
  • Assess and Streamline Maintenance Data Sources
  • Evaluate and Recommend Lubricant Application Equipment
  • Evaluate and Recommend Contamination Control
  • Evaluate and Recommend Lubricant Selection
  • Evaluate and Establish Lubricant and Equipment Procurement Specifications
  • Establish Quality Control Assurance for Maintenance and Lubrication
  • Evaluate and Recommend Condition Monitoring Practices
  • Evaluate and Recommend Storeroom / Lubricant Storage Protocols
  • Evaluate and Recommend Lubricant Safety
  • Evaluate and Recommend Lubricant Waste HandlingRequirements: Individuals should have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in a maintenance or reliability role as well as holding at a minimum at least one certification from either ICML, STLE, NLGI, or SMRP.

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The Lubrication Reliability Auditor development program will establish competency for individuals looking to provide an increased level of reliability and cost / waste savings to their organization or for those looking to provide this service as a revenue value stream. Upon successful completion of this program, the individual will become an expert in the field of lubrication and reliability. This program provides instruction on exam preparation for all levels of certifications including ICML certifications (MLA, MLT, MLE, LLA), STLE (CLS, OMA), NLGI (CLGS), and SMRP (CMRP).